How Does Tongkat Ali Work?

How Does Tongkat ali work


Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali, commonly called “Malaysian ginseng”, is an herbal supplement found in southeast Asia. The roots of our organic Tongkat ali are hot water extracted and used in our herbal products. Often marketed as a “Testosterone booster” but other remedies include mood, hormone regulation, and sports performance.

The active ingredients of tongkat are eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, and eurycomanone. Clinical trials have shown eurycomanone to stimulate the release of the sex-binding hormone globulin from free testosterone, benefiting sexual performance, and improving male fertility; more on that is explained below. Other bioactive compounds found in the plant, flavonoids and alkaloids, function as antioxidants reducing cellular damage caused by free radicles.

Benefits of Tongkat ali

Some clinical trials have been done and are ongoing to suggest the below benefits:

How long does Tongkat Ali take to work

The active ingredient in tongkat ali is eurycomanone. Eurycomanone is an effective anti-estrogen. It suppresses aromatase enzymes; aromatase enzymes convert testosterone into estrogen. This takes place in the Leydig cells, which are the focal point of sperm production in men. Preventing testosterone conversion is just one-way tongkat increases testosterone levels. In another study, after about 4 weeks, Tongkat was shown to boost overall testosterone by freeing testosterone from sex-hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG). SHBG carries different hormones like testosterone to different parts of the body to work on specific cell groups. Tongkat frees the SHBG from testosterone making it readily available to be used by the body. This action does not improve total testosterone but does increase free testosterone. Tongkat ali can also lower stress hormones. In a study, 63 subjects; 32 men and 31 women, were given 200mg of hot water extracted Tongkat root daily for 4 weeks and the results were:

  • Tension (−11%)

  • Anger (−12%)

  • Confusion (−15%)

  • Cortisol (−16%)

  • Testosterone (+37%)

Saliva samples were analyzed 3 times daily for hormone profiles of free cortisol and free testosterone, providing evidence that Tongkat ali is an effective aid in daily stressors, dieting for weight loss, sleep deprivation, and intense exercise training. (Shawn M. T., Julie, Annie, & Mike, 2013)

(Shawn, Julie, Annie, & Pugh, 2013)

(Low, Choi, Abdul, Das, & Chan, 2013)

Tongkat ali cycle

There is no official recommended dosage of Tongkat ali, but based on clinical studies, physicians with unanimous decisions have labeled Tongkat ali as safe between 150mg to 600mg daily between 4 to 24 weeks. Keep in mind that different people require different dosages. Eg. For building muscle or boosting libido, the recommended dosage is 150mg to 200mg for healthy adults above the age of 18. For specific health goals like testosterone, and strength gains.

Daily Dosages backed by science :

For Cutting Cycle: 200mg – 400mg daily

For Bulking Cycle: 400mg –600mg daily

For testosterone: 200mg – 400mg daily

For sports performance: 200mg – 400mg daily

For cortisol: 200mg daily

For the immune system: 100mg – 200mg daily

For sperm health: 200mg daily

The dosages above are optimal with a healthy diet and regular exercise. The majority of the studies had the participants maintain regular exercise routines as part of the process to achieve the results provided above. These studies were under observation for 4 to 12 weeks.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) Active Ingredients

The active ingredients of Tongkat ali are considered quassinoids. Quassinoids are derived from the Simaroubaceae family

  • Eurycomaoside

  • Eurycolactone

  • Eurycomanone

  • Eurycomanol

  • Hydroxylongilactone

  • Dehydroklaineanone

  • Eurycomalactone

Researched health benefits for Eurycomanone

Testosterone: 100-600mg/day 1-2 times daily observed with an Increased 37%

Sexual health and libido: 200 -400 mg/day 1-2 times daily observed an 8.4 to 10.8 % increase

Cortisol:  200 to 400mg/day observed a decrease of 16%

Stress and mood: 200-400mg/day  observed with a decrease of 16%

Seminal Motility: 300mg/day improvements averaging 44.4%

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